zamboOn Wednesday 18 September, at 11.40 pm, Fr. Giulio Mariani died at the Manzoni’s Hospital in Lecco, Italy.

He was born in Vedano al Lambro (MB), Italy, on 30 January 1933. After taking the temporary oath at PIME in 1954, he completed his theological studies in the USA at the Pontifical College Josephinum, Ohio. He became a perpetual member of the PIME on 3 May 1957 and was ordained priest on 26 April 1958 in Newark, Ohio. He carries out various services in the USA (vice-rector and teacher in Newark and in Oakland, N.J., rector of the Newark seminar, head of the Foster Parents) and attends various courses in American universities. In 1974 he began licensing courses in spiritual theology at the Gregorian Pontifical University (1974-76). After completing the courses, he became rector of the PIME major seminar in Monza (1976-84).

In 1985 he left for the Philippines. On the journey he visits almost all the PIME missions in Asia. He founds, among them many difficulties. He arrived in the Philippines few months before the killing of Fr. Tullio Favali, Tulunan, Mindanao. In those days he stayed in Manila to keep in touch with the media. Hard task, in fact, newspapers, TV news and radio, especially those controlled by the government, were publishing false information on the causes of the killing. He then was assigned to the parish of Mary Queen of the Apostles in Parañaque City, a populous district of Manila. Elected regional superior in 1991 and subsequently deputy director of the Euntes Asian Center (E.A.C.) in Zamboanga City. On May 20 1992 Fr. Salvatore Carzedda was killed and has regional superior found himself, again, face to face with the experience of martyrdom. In 2001 he was called to Rome to cover the position of PIME General Secretary (2001-2007). Eager to return to the mission, he returned to the Philippines and reopened the “new” E.A.C. (the first EAC, founded by P. Enzo Corba PIME was closed in 1999 due to the constant threats of kidnapping), definitively closed for security reasons in 2011. Invited to return to Italy, for health reasons, he lends his service at PIME Sotto il Monte, Bergamo, birthplace of Pope John XXIII, and then two years ago moved to the Home of the Elderly in Rancio, Lecco, Italy

The funeral will take place today 20 September 2:30 local time, the suffrage Mass in Vedano al Lambro (MB). Burial will be held at the Vedano cemetery.

“I adore you, my God, and I love you with all my heart. I thank you for having created me, made a Christian and preserved until this day ” (from Mariani’s testament).

Give him, O Lord, eternal rest.