and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free
John 8:32.

We, the Redemptorist Missionaries in the Philippines are deeply disturbed by the recent developments in our country. We find our bishops, fellow religious, priests and lay workers being charged with sedition and perjury. We have known most of them through their apostolic engagement with the poor, marginalized and abandoned sectors of our society. We firmly believe that they are shepherds tending their flock. They are moved with the mercy and compassion of God even to those dismissed to be mere „collateral damages‟ of the government‟s war on drugs.We hold that they are driven by their genuine love of God and country.

Confronted by this situation and aware of these charges, we ask ourselves: What is the truth in all of these? To be persecuted and maligned, are these the consequences of their firm stance to be witnesses of God‟s love and mercy? Nowadays, it seems that it is dangerous to be a shepherd – to genuinely care for the welfare of the flock and be critical of those who inflict pain on them.
For this reason, we are one with them – the bishops priests, religious, and lay workers. We believe that these charges holds no basis and must be dismissed. We express our solidarity as we continue to place our hope in the poor, “heal the broken-hearted, walk in solidarity with the oppressed, teach justice to their oppressors, and bring back to God all those who have offended Him”.

We continue to prostrate ourselves before God for the truth to come out, free us and embolden us to become living witnesses of His mercy and love. Through the intercession of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, we pray for God‟s liberating truth. Amen.