From the left: Lourdh, Manenti, Brambillasca, Motta and Cattaneo

Fr. Ferruccio Brambillasca, was re-elected PIME Superior General for a second term today, the feast day of St. Matthias Apostle.

Voting for the new superior took place Tuesday morning at the International Center for Mission Animation, where the XV General Assembly of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions is taking place.

Fr. Brambillasca, born in Monza, Italy, on 11 June 1964, was elected for the first time as superior general in 2013. From 1998 to 2013 he has been missionary in Japan, where he served as regional superior as well. A graduate in dogmatic theology in Naples, he has 30 years of priesthood. He spent also some years as an animator in Italy, Ducenta and India in the Pune seminar.

Fr. Fabio Motta, 42, born in Treviglio (Milan) and ordained in 2004 has been elected vicar general. He spent few years as missionary animator in Italy before going to mission in Guinea Bissau in 2009.

Fr. Xavier Lourdh, 46, born in Kazipet (Andhra Pradesh, India), ordained in 2003, has been working for many years in India. In 2013 he was assigned to Japan, in the mission of Takahata (Tokyo).

Brother Massimo Cattaneo, 58, born in Saronno (Milan) in 2004 was sent on mission to Bangladesh where he handled also the NTS (Novara Technical School) in Dinajpur, Rājshāhi.

Fr. Raffaele Manenti, 62 and 37 years of priesthood, after his ordination  has worked few years in Italy (1982-1986), then in India (1998-2005), and finally in Thailand (1987-1998; 2005-2016). For the last three years he has been the spiritual director of the PIME theological seminary in Monza, Italy.