The XV General Assembly of the PIME in Rome, continues. The reports of the 19 circumscriptions, the General Delegation, the Economy, the initial and ongoing formation and the report of the Superior General have all been presented on last Tuesday. In addition to these there were also the presentation of ALP (or Pime Lay Association), New Humanity and three new projects or proposals: China in what will be the strategy to present the Gospel into this vast continent, India, in order to welcome new missionaries for a more international community, and the Maghreb (North Africa), with the request of the bishop of Tunisia to open a mission that, eventually, can cooperate with the other Pimes now present in Algeria.

From the presentations there appeared a PIME engaged in the mission ad gentes with a wide range of initiatives. From evangelization and pastoral care to catechumenate paths, inter-religious dialogue, attention to indigenous peoples, working for human promotion, peace and justice, attention to the poor and disabled, and finally vocational work and propaganda in order to train young people for the various missionary realities in which they will find themselves.

The report of the general treasurer reaffirmed how we should be all co-responsible for the assets of the Institute, for a more sober lifestyle. The report of the Superior General, welcomed by a long applause, highlighted two key words: true discernment and change things that must lead us to be involved in a personal and communal missionary growth. He reiterated that the mission must be at the centre of our work and the theme of the General Assembly “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel” speaks about a missionary urgency that, once, gave life to the Institute. The model to imitate is once again the figure of Abraham: just like him, have faith in the Lord, leaving everything and going where the Spirit guides us to be.