A HUNDRED YEARS OF GRATITUDE is a deeply personal book of Karl M. Gaspar, CSsR. He celebrates his 70th birthday and 30th year as a Redemptorist Brother in June 2017, thus, the hundred years in the title of the book. Part One of this book is Karl’s views as a Sojourner in the past decades of his life; it has biographical sketches, expressions of advocacies, tributes to friends, and reviews of cultural works. Some of these have been published in his column in Mindanews online news agency, a few were retrieved from his journals; the rest were written for this book. Part Two are essays by Karl’s friends about his essays and books as well as recollections of how they met and how it was to be Karl’s friend through the years. Part Two, then, is a tribute to shared friendships.

PANAGKUTAY. Bro. Gaspar explains in the Introduction, “ Panagkutay is Cebuano for `to connect. The thesis is very clear: faith traditions are alive and integral with people’s everyday lives in the uplands, especially where the indigenous belief system is still intact and has not been `demonized’ by the fundamentalist perspective of a Christian proselytization campaign. In such a setting, anthropology and theology must engage each other.”

The book has six chapters. The first (“An Anthropologist’s Lament”) and the fourth (“A Long Story of Lumad Struggle to Secure their CADT in Jose Abad Santos) recall Bro. Gaspar’s  engagements as a Redemptorist missionary with the Manobo-Blaan in Barangay Molmol, Jose Abad Santos, Davao Occidental as these indigenous peoples, known in their native language as lumad, spend years getting their Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title.