tsnina-trackA  typhoon is expected to hit the Philippines on Christmas Day. Typhoon Nock-Ten, called Typhoon Nina in the Philippines, is forecast to strengthen into a category four typhoon before making landfall on Sunday, local time.

On Saturday morning, the typhoon was approaching at about 20 km/hour. Sustained wind speeds near the centre were 180km/hour, with gusts as high as 250km/hour. The predicted path was through the north of the country, over Manilla, although cities on the East of the country would be hit worse, including Naga in the Bicol Region.

In 2015, a United Nations report listed the Philippines as one of countries most affected by natural disasters and particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Typhoons draw their energy from the warmth of the sea water below, leading scientists to expect them to intensify as global warming continues.