by Fr. Angel Calvo, Zamboanga City

Philippines Kidnapped ForeignersI would like to borrow the words of Milet Mendoza, another survivor of the Abu Sayyaf in Basilan, to denounce and cry the death of another hostage in our land… And we still have more than 18 hostages in the hands of the Abu Sayyaf in our land….” No one ever deserves to die this way. The long wait, the suffering and desperation that all captives go through, to be told each day about your execution the following day if ransom were not to be paid; to be deceived and deprived of freedom – all these are dehumanizing acts that have to be condemned by all. Not because it happens too frequently that people in Basilan, Sulu, and the rest of the country have become numb and indifferent to it – for as long as it does not happen to them. KFR has not even merited the discussion of people running for public office – national or local.
So many lives have been lost, including soldiers and police forces – but where is the enemy? They are not only in Sulu or Basilan – they are everywhere outside of these hostage prison walls. The big bucks is big business “small and big” people” benefit from.
This beheading is anti-Filipino. It is shameful. This is the work of EVIL people, people of NO faith. The people of Sulu, Basilan and Tawi tawi and the rest of those in the influence of power, national and local, should be ashamed that this decades’ old kidnapping and killing is worsening. One way or the other, they are all condoning it.
My heart breaks for the family of John Ridsdel. Prayers of consolation for you and the Canadian people.”