Members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) based in Mindanao set a day of prayer last October 1, for Peace now that fighting  has ended in Zamboanga City. It was a whole day of prayers and fasting that culminated in Zamboanga with candle-lighting activities held “in silence” simultaneously at 6 p.m with other cities.

The remaining hostages were rescued from their MNLF captors days ago after 24 days of crisis which resulted in scores of deaths deaths and affected over 100,000 residents. The CBCP asked  also all churches to pray for the problems of the country,  from the Zamboanga crisis, to the pork barrel scandal and natural calamities such as flooding.

NUMBER OF CASUALTIES:  in Zamboanga fightings (from Camp Battalia, PNP Public Information Office)

Government soldiers Killed 23 – Wounded 204

CIVILIAN CASUALTIES:   Killed 12  – Wounded 72

Number of Processed Hostages 184
Number of Evacuees 101, 018
Number of Evacuation Centers 34
Number of Captured MNLF 247
Number of Surrendered MNLF 24
Number of MNLF Killed 166