Good Morning people of the secularized and globalized world!

This is our last day of the course in Euntes and we thank you Fr. Jun Mercado, OMI, for opening our horizons to the world of secularism and globalization, for giving us a new lens to view “terra incognita” and for introducing us to your “saints” John Lennon and John A.T. Robinson, which enabled us to see a new image of the sacred and the profane, from the cosmos and chaos, to a one global planet and to a God of the market, a God of the secularized and globalized universe.

But of course, the task ahead is not easy. We need to have a profound sense of optimism for a radical deconstruction of our antiquated image of God, a reconstruction of the erroneous interpretation of the faith imposed on us by the Roman Empire some thousand years ago, and to be in touch and in dialogue with the world stained with brokenness, poverty, hunger, and discrimination, before we realize that we are already “dead”.

We have to keep ourselves abreast of the new cosmology. From cosmogenesis to biogenesis, from the Palaeozoic Era to the Ecozoic Era to have a wholistic understanding of the whole cosmos and its interconnectedness, realizing that we are the late comers and that we have no right to be superior over the other creatures. But the 11th hour (movie) mirrored to us how humanity have caused so much destruction to our planet earth.

Fr. Jun has also extensively revealed to us the advantages and disadvantages of globalization, but as he said, Christianity should not be threatened by this phenomenon, lest it become “dead, ready to be buried,” instead they should be faced as challenges for engagements, engagements in new paradigms and new and creative ways of ministering. Let us not be content with a God imprisoned in the walls of the Roman structures. Let us not be confined to the celebration of the seven sacraments but be open to the possibility and inclusivity of the 77 x 7 sacraments of the world.

In two weeks time we will be back to our own places. We will be back to the reality of secularism and globalism. We might be facing gigantic tasks of the corporate social responsibilities, but let’s not forget the principle that all enormous bounds always begin with a single step. In our own little ways, in our capacities, we take one step at a time but with an enduring burning spirit.

St. John in the first reading today (2 Jn 4-9) teaches a new commandment of love which is rooted in the teachings of Christ. An embracive love for the whole cosmic world. In the Gospel, St. Luke (17:26-37) speaks about the day of the Son of Man. He said, “It will be like that on the day the Son of Man is revealed.” A revelation of a cosmic God of the whole cosmos where there are no more walls, no boundaries but one world where all will live in peace and harmony.