February 8, 1987 to February 8, 2012 – a span of 25 years since the establishment of the Emmaus Dialogue Community (EDC).The 25th Anniversary of its founding was an occasion for the EDC to express gratitude to the Archdiocese of Zamboanga for welcoming them as an official lay association in the Church. The archbishops of Zamboanga-  the late Msgr. Francisco Cruses, Msgr. Carmelo DF Morelos and Msgr. Romulo G. Valles –over the years encouraged and supported the promotion of the EDC mission and vocation as an important sign of the times in the Church today. Gratitude is also felt to the people of Sta. Catalina, a community of Muslim and Christian families, where the EDC started 25 years ago and where its house continues to this day.

The Emmaus Dialogue Community is a group of consecrated Christian lay women, who dedicate their lives for the mission of dialogue and peace. They take inspiration from the Biblical story of the two disciples who walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus; their hearts were burning  after they recognized Jesus at  the breaking of the bread.  The EDC   take  the Beatitudes as their Rule of  Life. The 25th anniversary was also the occasion for the Renewal of Vows of Commitment of the Emmaus Dialogue Community member sand the Renewal of Commitment by the Emmaus Circle.

The Emmaus Circle is a group of  Catholic lay, men and women, married or single, who live in their respective families but who commit themselves to follow the spirit and mission of the Emmaus Dialogue Community. The formation and mission of the Emmaus Dialogue Community and Emmaus Circle members are significant realities,  gifts  to the Silsilah Dialogue Movement and  the Catholic Church.  Each one is invited and encouraged to share, reflect, deepen and  be enriched in the Emmaus Spiritual  Journey to “open the eyes” and to be able to see the internal and external things in a new perspective  and to live a transformed life for God and His Will all.

Together as Emmaus Family, the Emmaus Dialogue Community and Emmaus Circle are challenged to witness through their life God’s providential presence and of being a sign of the times as lay people in the church in their own  “road to Emmaus” who are called to  move with love and compassion and   to witness to the love of God and the love of neighbor  guided by the Beatitudes of Jesus. This is a special spiritual journey for the members of Emmaus Family.