4 comments on “Fr. Fausto Tentorio: Statement from PIME Fathers in the Philippines

  1. I am very proud that there are people who are like you caring for my brothers and sisters. You have the courage to face all obstacles. May God bless you all. I will always include you in my prayers.

  2. St. Bridget School, QC, is in solidarity with Fr. Fausto Tentorio and his advocacies. The Philippines is blessed with the kind of dedication Fr. Pops had for the indigenous people and the Filipino as a whole. The PIME fathers indeed is a grace from God to the people of the Philippines. God bless.

    • From Colegio Anchieta,in Porto Alegre, Brazil, our strong and warm solidarity and hope that God continue to sustain your engagement for justice and peace in Mindanao and the whole Philippines.
      Praise to our Lord and his witnesses like Tf. Fausto.
      Fr. Martinho Lenz, sj

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