Ucciso p. Fausto Tentorio

133P. Fausto Tentorio è stato assassinato davanti alla sua parrocchia di Arakan, North Cotabato, Mindanao. Dopo aver detto messa verso le 8 del mattino stava salendo sulla sua auto per recarsi a Kidapawan, 60 km dalla missione, per un incontro diocesano, quando un killer con casco da motocicletta si e’ avvicinato e gli sparato diversi colpi alle schiena e due alla testa, poi e’ fuggito assieme a un altro complice che lo aspettava su una motocicletta.

Da oltre 25 anni Fausto lavorava a stretto contatto con gli indigeni del luogo, i Manobos, nella formazione e organizzazione delle loro piccole comunita’ montane. Cercava cosi’ di rispondere alle loro necessita’ e speranze quotidiane, lavoro e scuola, ma ‘rispondere’ voleva anche dire affrontare forze molto potenti interessate piu’ ai beni materiali e interessi personali che a quelli di fratellanza locale e universale. Diversi anni fa era gia’ stato oggetto di minaccia da parte di un gruppo armato appartenente al clan Bagani. In quella occasione fu protetto dagli stessi indigeni Manobos.

Era nato il 7 gennaio 1952 in S.Maria Hoe’, Lecco. Ordinato nel 1977 era partito per le Filippine l’anno seguente. Prima della missione in Arakan aveva lavorato nelle missioni di Ayala, Zamboanga City e poi in Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, in zone abitate da cristiani, musulmani e indigeni. Ultimamente era anche il Coordinatore Diocesano per le Popolazioni Indigene e direttore della locale Scuola Media (High School) Parrocchiale di circa 350 studenti. P. Tentorio è il terzo missionario del Pime ad essere ucciso nell’isola di Mindanao dopo p.Tullio Favali e Salvatore Carzedda.

P. Fausto Tentorio was murdered outside his parish in Arakan, North Cotabato, Mindanao. About 8 o’clock in the morning he was getting into his car to go to Kidapawan, 60 km from the mission, for a diocesan meeting, when a killer with a motorcycle wearing an helmet approached him and fired several shots. For over 32 years fr. Fausto worked closely with the natives of the place, Manobos, training and organizing their small communities. He was answering to their everyday needs and hopes, but ‘answering’ also meant to address the local most powerful forces involved in properties and personal interests instead of local and universal brotherhood. Several years ago fr.Fausto was threatened by an armed group belonging to the clan Bagani. On that occasion he was protected by Manobos friends. He was born January 7, 1952 in Santa Maria Hoe’, Lecco (Italy). Ordained in 1977 he left for the Philippines the following year. Before the mission in Arakan had worked in Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, inhabited by Christians, Muslims and indigenous B’lang. Era il Coordinatore Diocesano per le Popolazioni Indigene. P. Tentorio is the third PIME missionary to be killed on the island of Mindanao after p.Tullio Favali and Salvatore Carzedda.

14 responses to “Ucciso p. Fausto Tentorio

  1. La nostra preghiera per Padre Fausto. Anche se la notizia ha provocato in noi la tristezza, abbiamo la speranza che il martirio di Padre Fausto gli guadagnera’ la vita eterna in cielo.


  2. Genova, Italia – P. Luciano Lazzeri, P. Sergio Fossati e P. Achille Boccia ci uniamo anche noi in preghiera piangendo la morte di Padre Fausto e accogliendo il dono della sua testimonianza. Che il Signore sostenga tutti voi che con Padre Fausto condividete la missione a rischio della vita.

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  4. He was a priest for the landless peasants and indigenous peoples, he was a martyr of the people! JUSTICE for Fr. Fausto Tentorio!

  5. From Fr. Bartolome Cometa Sagadal

    The senseless killing of Fr. Fausto Tentorio, PIME is another sad incident in the history of the Philippine Catholic Church. It is an indicator that the value and sacredness of LIFE is trampled upon by Godless person. Let justice, peace, unity and love prevail upon us. Let Godly people be united to fight all the evils of this time. May the blood of Fr. Tentorio, the martyr be a continuous blessing to the Missionary Catholic Church and to the people who struggle for the realization “New Heaven and New Earth”… Mabuhay ang nakikibakang Simbahan ni Kristo! Mabuhay and Simbahang Katoliko! Mabuhay and PIME. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

  6. From Paolo Pizzati on I Manobo di padre Fausto


    From Jason Magsaysay on PIMEphil – martirs

    Condolence to the family of Fr. Paps. May the souls of the perpetuators have no peace until justice is served.

  7. Dear PIME friends, shocked by the news of Fr. Fausto martyrdom, I wish to express my condolences to the PIME family and the good people of Arakan. During my long years in the Philippines I always admired the commitment of your religious family for dialogue and for the poor. More martyr’s blood over the blessed land of Mindanao! And once more it is PIME’s blood! You are heroes.
    May peace and justice finally flourish.

  8. From reynaldo saligan

    He had served the people of Arakan valley well, selfless and generous. He had multiplied many indigenous leaders in Cotabato province, capacitating them to what they are now. He had been a PILLAR for the weak and the poor in Arakan Valley


    From Annie

    so sad, father fausto used to sleep our home in arakan (allab) when he celebrated mass in our chapel (he loved our home for his stay), actually he was the one of the priest closest to my family. my family known father pops for so long until we departed arakan for the same reason..my mother (Leticia “Tessie” Paras) suffered the same faith… GUNNED DOWN! by an unknown man. during our departure, father fausto bid goodbye for us..wishing all the best for us and said GOD will take care of my family especially of what is the desire of our heart…. that is JUSTICE! praying that justice will be served to you father pops!

  9. From sr.Stella, OND

    Pops, go with God. It was indeed an great privilege to work with you as mission partner in the Diocese of Kidapawan. May the blood that you shed nurture the prophetic life of the church. May justice prevail.

    To the PIME – my sincere condolences … one with you as ever…

  10. vi siamo vicini in questo momento di grande tristezza per il martirio di p.Fausto. La sua testimonianza è una parola di luce per noi che condividiamo la stessa vocazione missionaria. Unitissimi nella preghiera
    sr.Marilena e giovani in formazione delle Missiomarie dell’mmacolata

  11. From Amy Pond

    There is no man so greatly mourned among indigenous peoples organization and workers,many religious people today than Father Pops. To us he will be the proverbial Pops,so dedicated in servicing his flock,self-sacrificing,hardworking, generous and discerning and of sharp wit. So understanding but urges us to move on. If he could see us now in our deep grief,he would sure prompt us.

    He have been vocal in issues that plague the indigenous and peasant communities in North Cotabato and Central Mindanao,namely expansion of plantations and open-pit mining that will damage not only the livelihood of hundreds and thousands of Mindanaoans but more so create severe damage to the ecological balance in Mindanao.

    Who could have killed such a man?
    Let us urge this present admin of Pnoy to deliver justice for Fr Pops.
    Justice for All PIME Martyrs!
    God Bless PIME for standing for a mission so good that the evil forces try to cut its sons down.May your tribe increase!

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