by Jeevankumar Juvvala

It is a time of glad tidings of Great Joy for the PIME Seminary in Tagaytay and for PIME in the world at large. Before we could finish savouring the grace-filled moments of the Beatification of Fr. Clemente Vismara, two tides of happiness and joy flowed into the PIME House in Tagaytay. We have celebrated with immense joy and gratitude the Final Promise and the Diaconal Ordination of Bro. Kantharao Gudipudi and Bro. Nelson Meshian. On the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul in the presence of Fr. Simone Caelli (Rector), Fr. Urbani (Spiritual Director), PIME confreres, community members, and other guests, Fr. Giovanni Re, the Regional Superior, Philippines, warmly welcomed them into the family of PIME. In his reflection Fr. Re invited the two of them to imitate Sts. Peter and Paul. In his words, “It is a great occasion to look back into your lives and see the grace of God unfolding and the plans of God being fulfilled in you.” And today our joy reached its paramount as we have witnessed their Ordination to the Diaconate at the hands of Rev. Bp. Louis Antonio G. Tagle in the presence of many religious and faithful. Bishop Tagle reminded all who gathered for the celebration of how God continues to love the Church by sending many who are inspired to serve his people. He called upon the two of them to live in the spirit of Diaconia and he also said, “The essence of the ministry of a deacon does not lie in the quantity of tasks that he performs, but in the Spirit of Service in which he lives.” Our celebration was a memorable one with all the people who came and blessed our two young deacons. The new deacons expressed their gratitude to all those who were instrumental in their growth and those who supported them with constant prayers. We thank the Lord who blessed us with these days of grace upon grace and who still leads us to other glad tidings.