3 comments on “Father Steve Baumbusch 1956-2010

  1. I am so absolutely saddened and is in grief after his unexpected passing. I deeply ask God for guidance of his soul, he’s such a smart and good priest, he was very close to me. May God bless your soul.

  2. The Dolor family in Columbus Ohio and members of our rosary group are saddened by this loss of Father Baumbusch. We pray for his eternal rest. He was very inspirational to all of us and we thank him for all of his missionary work in the Philippines.

  3. Fr. Steve,

    Thank you for all the years living your life for the Lord and for serving us in Columbio mission/parish w/ joy, love and dedication.

    Thank you for being a good servant on us, for inspiring us and leading us in our faith.

    The seeds you sow in the parishioners of columbio will live forever in our heart and continue living faithfuly to GOd..

    We all cry of lossing you, Fr steve, but we all know that God needs you more in heaven for us!

    We all love you Fr. Steve..
    we gonna miss you!

    -Jovy Ebane- Fr. Steve secretary, Columbio Mission

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