They are not . .

. . . treasure’s hunters

. . . nor  miners

. . . nor archaeologists

. . . and  never CIAs in their lives.

They are the VICTIMS of YAHWEH’s  seduction (Jer 20:7) to FIND GOD IN THE MARGINS. . .

The expedition led by Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF, who facilitated the first day’s session on the mission context: Finding God in the margins, started at 8:30 am. The Peace Group guided the whole team into worship.  Fr.  Calvo started his topic on the word “EUNTES” meaning “Go” but he clarified that the “GOING” – to where, how and whom must be towards the renewed mission in the church. He further expressed that mission is a proclamation of goodness; that mission is dynamic; and that the context of mission is for the marginalized members of our society. To help us to use our binoculars  in a contemporary and different way, he presented the facts and faces of poverty.  After which, he elicited the participant’s feelings, emotions and reflections on what they saw.

Moreover, to deepen and stimulate the awareness of the participants on the faces of poverty, a workshop was provided with the following questions, to wit: a) Who are marginalized sectors in your community?  b) Why are they poor? and c) What is the image/experience of God?  In the afternoon, the six (6) integration groups met and had their output presented in the big group.

Here are some members of the expedition team whose hearts were empowered by the Holy Spirit to share their insights for the day . . .

In the Gospel of Mark (14:7), we read the following sentence: “Poor will be always with you”. Was Jesus making a cause as he wanted people to be poor? I think Jesus said it  because he knew that greed and egoism of human beings would be difficult to be destroyed. Yet, Jesus showed us the way.                          

Fr. Simone, PIME
This day has brought me into a realization that God’s presence is just around me.  I don’t always have to look up to heaven to search for God. What I need is to bow down to feel and see his real presence among the marginalized.

Arnold Garferlod, SM
The cycle of life? Or God’s paradise turned upside down!
Let us all work hand in hand to restore the area upon a time in the “garden of Eden” and live happily forever!

Ate Luz, Archdiocese of Cotabato

The day started with the Eucharistic celebration highlighting the prayer of the faithful in different languages in Asia. The most touching event was during the first session on the Mission Context: Finding God in the Margins. When the presentation of the facts and statistics about poverty in the world and  particularly in the Philippines, it almost left some of the participants cry. The group was being prepared for the exposure program for Thursday. Why there is a need to consider the margins for the mission? Fr. Calvo explained to us the connection of mission to the margins which is modeled from the very mission of  Jesus himself, when he said “The spirit of the Lord is on me to proclaim ………..” Luke 4.