Before the Mass on Palm Sunday (Linggo ng Palaspas, Domingo de Ramos or Domingo sa Lukay), catholics carry palm fronds to be blessed by the priest, some interlaced and adorned in different shapes  by the faithfuls themselves. In this occasion the usual reading is about Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, when he was welcomed by people waving palm fronds and laying their cloaks on the ground for his donkey to walk upon. Then the priest blesses the weaving palms with holy water. In the liturgy, the reading of the gospel, the Passion, is done in a dramatised manner wherein each part is read by a different liturgical minister. Generally the narration part is read by the commentator while the dialogues are read by one of the lectors. The parts that were spoken by the crowd can be given to the choir or the music ministers. Only the lines that were spoken by Christ Himself are reserved to the priest. After the mass the people will bring the palms at home and place them above their front doors or windows, in the popular belief that doing so can ward off evil spirits and even avert lightning.