The real time is always a product of our imagination. In the Philippines “time” is called “panahón” from the root “dáhon”, which means “leaf”. “Panahón” means also “season”. An event in space that very slowly appears, grows and then falls down. This is the reason why in the Philippines Christmas is not just a day but a period of time. It starts in December 16, or even before with the hanging up of the lanterns some made by dry leaves, and goes on until the great festivity of Santo Niño on the third Sunday of January when street dances, like green leaves, will multiply all over the Country. It is as every filipino would like to remain near the little Jesus as long as possible. On the other hand this prolonged festival helps the people to face the rigidity impose by daily timetables, work, rules and regulations that, many times, are the causes of tensions, diversity, difference of class and marginalization. In Christmas we are all equal! So, in this traditional season filipinos have plenty of time in order to better appreciate the gifts of peace, friendship and solidarity. Values contained in every Christmas message.

Naturally the product of imagination can also overcome the slow grow of a leaf in order to get moments of pleasure and trasgression. Every festivity has its own trasgression and, as usual. Dances, drinkings and bettings will be expiated at the beginnig of the following, but fruitful for christians, festive cycle: the Holy Week. Unless you, regardless every cycle, would like to continue to live pretending to be a child all over the year. As a local says: “Drink Beer now because there isn’t any in the Sky” and here only the imagination of yourself dropping withered to the ground, the same where the trees rise, can change your mind. (Luciano)