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  1. Dear PIME Fathers,

    I saw all the pictures. Despite their simple lives, they are happy. I would like to know if these children go to school? Do they have a school and enough facilities? Do they have libraries? What can I do to help them in my own little way?

    From, Olga

    • Dear Olga M. Ong,
      thanks for your comments in our blog. I’m father Luciano, the one who is taking care of it. The pictures are mostly taken where the PIME Fathers are working. Regarding the children, PIME has a program called Foster Parents, with funds coming mainly from Italy, and it is helping hundred of them to go to school, manily elementary education. In Manila the program is run by Father Gianni Sandalo of the Parish of Mary Queen Apostle in,, San Antonio Valley 6. Paranaque. In Zamboanga by Fr. Giulio Mariani, now director of Euntes Center (www.euntes.wordpress.com. In North Cotabato in Arakan Valley, Sultan Kudarat in Columbio Valley, Sampoli and Lakewood in the peninsula of Zamboanga. In Antique (Panay) we have programs for the ATI the Indigenous people of Antique in Barangay Mabuyong, Anini-y were we have a center for the ATI. Here they will start this year an alternative education to teach to the ATI children who never went to school or dropped out (about 30 of them). We are working togheter with DpEd which will give the salary for a teacher and with the local barangay. What they are asking now is school supplies and feeding food… because the children will never come to classes if they do not find something to eat as well. The teaching will be three days for week. Anyway thanks again for your concern and hoping to hear from you soon, fr Luciano

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