How many are the people living in this part of Western Mindanao? Maybe 2 or 3 millons? Nothing in the invisible sea of life, many in the concrete space where every person has a name and a face. One plus one plus one and so on. Everyone living for himself and with others. Maybe this is the real problem of Payao, Basilan, Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines… There are priests, imams, tribal leaders, lawyers, doctors, teachers, soldiers, traders, sellers, workers, farmers, there are those who are rebels, lazies, miserables and wealthies, sages and crazies, who are committed to life and those who do not. The problem is that they are living in a place which has no reason to exist, where love here is hate there and viceversa. Each other oppositionists, rivals, enemies for what? In order to overcome one plus one plus one… and then be buried in the same dirty soil. Ground zero, amount zero. We are just guessing but this might be the cry of many-liked father Giancarlo Bossi today exiled in places that look real but do not exist.