As a foreigner father Giancarlo Bossi is associated to other foreigners, tourists, investors, missioners who are supposed to promote their culture, business and religions. However he is a priest and he might hear the beating of a different drummer, the echo  of an unknown God who is giving him hard time to meditate. He may somehow, in his suffering, discover the so called Good News, that Christ is living among the least of our brothers and sisters, doing and feeling much of what the poor are doing and feeling: struggling for a daily food and waiting for freedom. Maybe, after the liberation, father Giancarlo Bossi will be transformed into a new species of man who will find God non only in holy books and cerimonies but also in unknown people. We do not know for how many days he will remain the least of the men, as Christ has been in the hands of his abductors, but experiencing new ways in struggling for liberation, as many oppressed people are doing today and did so for many years, he will be closer to God. A basic change of life. Needed in order to live for others and become more divine and human.