It has been said that the man living for hope will died hungry. It means waiting and waiting doing nothing, bears nothing. Well, on the bottom of our heart there still the desire and the hope that someone or something will change this situation of father Giancarlo Bossi, beyond the traffic of news. Hope is like a ‘corner stone’ on which stand the whole history of mankind: otherwise we would have fallen already in despair and there would be no future for us. Well shadows will not disapper in our life, but neither will last. There are many things in our little world that show us new directions: people in dialogue for truth, communities of peace, nations where freedom is the first source of justice and our God that never cease in loving us. 

Benedict XVI too prays for father Giancarlo: “My thoughts are with Father Bossi every day. I have spoken with the Substitute a few days ago and he gave me the latest information. Let us hope and pray that the Lord may help us,” the Pope said answering a question from a reporter about the abduction of father Giancarlo. It is the first time that Benedict XVI explicitly refers to Father Bossi. But he has spoken out also for “all those who have been kidnapped.” In addition to getting news from the Secretariat of State, the Pope also asked Mgr Romulo G. Valles, archbishop of Zamboanga, informations about the missing missionary. He also greeted the prelate in the ceremony in which he bestowed the pallium on him last June 29.