After more then 30 years of war and in-war inWestern Mindanaoa generation of young Christians and Muslims are trying to understand the failure of the generations that came before them. Is not possible that all of this happened, or it is happening, because the principle of eye for eye or the law of retaliation! This new generation is better prepare and they know that under tragic decisions there are also motivations, motivations which came from an education that very seldom put in practice the moral values professed by words. An education centered more on competition, strength, prestige and money. A generation of bad teachers. Models without truth. Before we judge this generation we have to judge the previous one. If now there are young men practicing kidnapping and arm rebellion as a way of living it is because they had bad teachers, adults then, old people now, who did not care about the future of their children. We hope and pray that those, who are now examples for children, won’t be behind bars tomorrow.