hands41.jpg  Father Giancarlo Bossi might experience rage as an over-reaction to his hurt and pain. How unfair it is that nothing in life comes easy. We are divided. Do we have to consider impossible to live in Peace? Do we have to consider closed the road that leads us to discover our true nature that is building a society of solidarity?  It is a challenge. Historical challenge. Without distinction, because the good and the evil of a person becomes, sooner or later, the good and the evil of everyone. Today’s society tends to divide us in politics, cultures, economies and religions. In kidnappers and kidnapped, in rich and poor, those on the top and those at the bottom, in employed and unemployed, in saved and sinners. Instead we have been called to take care of each other because creatures of the same Creator. Maybe, one day, lambs and wolves will live togheter because today something is taking place in our conscience. For freedom and charity the world has no boundaries. It is because father Giancarlo and others suffering in the name of division that we trust in an invisible movement that is moving us towards a common goal, a goal without the injustice of those who have and those who have not.