The mentality to abduct people have taken home in different places in our country. Somehow we feel that kidnappers are all over us, near our homes, families and children. A sort of evil that threaten all of us. On the other hand this threat calls us to strengthen our courage, the courage to overcome the fear in our souls. It is funny to hear how foreign people see us: as a country gripped by islamic rebellion, kidnappings and killing media people: for money and revenge. We have to overcome this image of the Philippines. We should demostrate that violence has no place in our culture. Violents are those who induce other to do evil, with words and example, with the promises of getting easy money. Violents are those who do not respect society, social duties, those who do not care for human growth, for youth and children. Indifference is violence too. Corruption is violence. So, what to do? It looks almost impossible tho face this culture of death. Is the culture of life dead too? No! The real revolution still in our hearts. The Government in order to face criminality and rebellion will implement its  Anti-Terrorist Bill, copied from others. May be it can win some battles, but if we want to win the war we need the courage of men of good will.