angel.jpg  A Day of Prayer exactly a month after the abduction of Fr. Giancarlo Bossi , so that “the Lord will give him enough courage, hope, and patience.”  Day of prayer for his abductors too, in the hope that “God will touch their hearts and they will repent.” The proposal has been launched in Rome by the Superior of PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions), Fr. GianBattista Zanchi, and send in a letter to the PIME communities all over the world. The special Day of Prayer for father Giancarlo will be held on July 10.

Father Zanchi says, “together with the family, friends, and  parishioners of Fr. Giancarlo , we are waiting with hope for the news of his release. However, we have to say that, as of today, no one has claimed responsibility, nor do we know why he was abducted.” and adds, “initiatives and manifestations at different levels asking for the release of Fr. Giancarlo are most welcome,” but at the same time, “prayers should not be forgotten: we are in the hands of God.”
Recalling the imprisonment of St. Peter, and of the “unceasing prayer” which the first Christian community offered for his release  (Acts 12:5-7), father Zanchi emphasized that their prayers was answered and an angel was dispached [to free Peter]. Fr. Zanchi hopes that “our unceasing prayer togheter with prayers from other part of the world, will be heard and Fr. Giancarlo will soon return home, to the joy of his dear ones and friends.