The Via Crucis of the family of father Giancarlo Bossi has gathered many people in the Philippines and Italy. In this way they are pushing the kidnappers in a corner, without escape. They are fighting them with the only weapon they have; Love! Face to face because love. The kidnappers might be arrogants, but they are humans too.

We don’t know who are the people now holding father Giancarlo Bossi. We know they will find very difficult to open their hearts and have pity of him. But we know too that inside them, still, there is space for humanity, wich is also the space of God. We do not judged them, we do not hate them, we do not look for revenge, but we are just asking them to have pity and to help a man to come out from despair. For love. Now we are thousands and thousands against the kidnappers, but like people of peace waiting for a miracle. The one which tears down the curtains of darkness and open the hearts hidden behind them. Why? Because even within criminals there is space for God too.