This is a time where the criminals have organized themselves and they can do what they want under the complicity of darkness. They like the dirty silence. They like that nobody comes out to speak about them. They go on with their business as usual. Organized crime it is a private holding, a market of illigal transactions, from selling drugs on the streets, smuggling firearms, run prostitution and kidnapping innocent people like father Giancarlo Bossi. It is a underground economy with an income equal of that of the whole nation. It is a State inside a State or a Nation agaist a Nation. Why it exists? Extensive corruption and heavy silence. Complicity at different levels. We should do something. We should uproot the roots of violence acting as honest people who do not let themselves to be sold to the syndicate of criminals. Anywhere, from the local adminstration to the other structures. We have to grow like a forest which transform the dirty humus underneath in a green canopy that provide shade of love and a shelter of peace for all.