zambo.jpg    30 years ago (1977) a PIME-missioner, then in Zamboanga, wrote this:  

Here the morning is filled with sunshine. Over there I suppose it is often sprinkled with rain. When it rains I think of you, I hope you don’t get wet or sink in the mud (like fr.Giancarlo?).
Here beauty smiles everywhere. Zamboanga is called the City of Flowers, but if you want to see the splendor of nature you have to go out of town. The sea is like a mirror of the sky, dressed with transparent waves and warm sunshine. The woods stand peaceful and quiet on the mountains, showing a thousand different pictures. The tall coconut trees lift up their heads in the sky kissing the wind. The ricefields disply their neat squares filled with water and all shades of green. Men and carabao look like toys moving around in slow motion. Many people are dark and lean, sun-burned out at sea or working in the fields. Others have round faces, soft like velvet, especially the young girls with big, dark eyes. Children play, cheerful as the birds…

Still, life is an endless struggle, the few oppressing the many. There are plenty of guns and soldiers to keep peace by making war…
When will the day of freedom and peace come?

(From the book “Dreams & Bloodstains”, Fr. Peter Geremia PIME)