WHAT CAN WE DO?                           Of course Pray. Father Giancarlo Bossi is a priest and knows well how to pray, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pray for him. Also, we should pray for his abductors. Of course they are not afraid of God and others (people), but their are humans too and God, through our prayers might change something in their souls.
Aside this we should also keep a vigil eye to what is going on. There are lot of news on tv, radios, newspapers. Good! Listen and read. Try to understand where the truth is. Partecipate to the Prayer Rallies and meetings organized in order to release fr.Giancarlo Bossi. These are good ways to sensibilize the public opinion, the local and national government. Spread the hope of a speedy release to others. 

WHAT ABOUT RANSOM?                   According to the newspapers PIME-Missionaries have taken a “no ransom position”. I guess they value the life of father Giancarlo very much, but also that paying ransom doesn’t solve the problem. It might be an incentive to kidnap again innocent people. On the other hand paying ransom doesn’t solve the problem too. Kidnapping will stop only when those in charge are really committed to mantain peace and order, with eyes of eagles, in their respectively areas. As priests, these PIMEs cannot protect themselves the way others more important people do. The nature of their work makes them very vulnerable. Sadly to say, they are cheap meat for kidnappers.

So lets do what we can to help (and) free father Giancarlo Bossi, so that he can go back to his work, but …. without giving the chances to the kidnappers to do evil again.

(Name withheld)