1) The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has established verbal contact with the kidnappers of an Italian priest who claimed that their captive was “physically okay,” a military official has told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. At the same time, Major General Benjamin Dolorfino also told the Associated Press that Father Giancarlo Bossi might be released “within today.” (MILF in contatto verbale con i rapitori. Dicono che fisicamente p. Giancarlo e’ “okay” e il Genaral Dolorfino dice che potrebbe anche essere rilasciato entro la giornata….)

Dolorfino admitted too that there was an attempt by authorities to rescue Bossi last Sunday but could not do so because “he might get killed so what is happening now is negotiations.” (…e che ci fu un tentativo di liberare il padre domenica scorsa ma siccome poteva essere ucciso nello scontro si e’ scelto la via del negoziato…) (Daily Inquirer 4:30 pm)

2) A top official of the MILF Ad Hoc Joint Action Group (AHJAG), leading  some two battalions of MILF fighters,  is closing in on the hideout of the kidnappers of Italian priest, Giancarlo Bossi, a report disclosed to www.luwaran.com today. Atty. Abdul Dataya, MILF AHJAG chairperson, is very optimistic that within 48 hours starting today he expects very significant development in the rescue operation. (MILF/AHJAG dicono che due battaglioni di armati MILF si stanno avvicinando al nascondiglio dei rapitori. Abdul Dataya e’ ottimista che in 48 ore il caso sara’ risolto)

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