– A campaign against sex tourism and child abuse initiated by a Catholic agency in Germany has come to the Philippines, from where it drew its inspiration.
Missio brought with it the four-meter wide mural it has taken around Germany for four years as part of its campaign. The mural features a huge photo of Pia Corvera, who was about 12 years old when  Father Shay Cullen, an Irish Columban Missionary. rescued her in 1996 from a German sex offender in Olangapo City.
Corvera was present when the mural was unveiled last September . 17 at a center Father Cullen’s group runs in Olangapo for abused girls and women. She introduced herself as an active youth advocate who strongly opposes any form of child abuse, “not only in my country the Philippines but all over the world.”
Sexual abuse is not limited to sexual intercourse, she later said.
Local politicians, representatives of non-governmental groups and staff of Missio, the German Catholic bishops’ agency for international mission work, attended the ceremony.
Corvera’s photo dominates the mural most of them saw for the first time, but smaller shots of “Aktion Schutzengel” (campaign guardian angel) supporters also appear on the work created by an art lecturer from Cologne, Germany.
The many stops the mural has made during four years of campaigning in Germany include the 2001 World Children’s Day celebration and the German parliament in Berlin. And all along, Missio photographe have been taking photos of supporters willing to stand up and be counted.