10 comments on “The Two-Day Nightmare of fr. Fausto Tentorio

  1. Hi Fr. Pops, its Jake Gabales one of the PIME candidates who went with Ace and Fr. Buboy Catan and stayed at your house for almost a month in Poblacion, Arakan in 2009. Anyway I just read the ‘THE TWO-DAY NIGHTMARE’ and that’s a little bit scarry. Well we can consider it as one way in celebrating your Jubilee remembering the experiences way back in the days, an experience through which we meant to learn a great lesson and to find out what life is. God speed! Amping pirmi padre. -jake from MQAP


    Fr. Fausto “pops” Tentorio was shot dead today (October 17, 2011) by a lone gunman inside Arakan Valley Parish compound in North Cotabato, Philippines.

    KIDAPAWAN CITY, Philippines—A still unidentified man shot dead Italian priest Fausto Tentorio in Arakan town in North Cotabato on Monday morning, a local official said.

    Arakan Councilor Leonardo Reovoca said Fr. Tentorio, parish priest of Arakan town, was about to open his vehicle when a man shot him shortly before 8 a.m.

    Tentorio was to attend a clergy meeting in Kidapawan City when he was shot by the helmet-wearing man.

    The priest was immediately brought to the Antipas Medical Specialist but was declared dead.

    Reovoca said some parish workers rushed out when they heard a series of shots and noticed the gunman walking to a waiting motorcycle.

    “I cannot imagine it would happen to him. We don’t have an idea as to the motive of the killing,” Reovoca said.

  3. What a scarry killing. I could still reminish the just like killing of Fr. Tulio favali in Tulunan Cotabato wayback in 1985. It is very simple for them to kill humans. ..I couldn’t imagine, why those persons who are preaching the good news are always the victim of these inhuman acts. Anyway Pops, you will be always remembered in our hearts as our teacher, father . .. Mabuhay ka. …

  4. When you do or say something according to your commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, your conscience, and your solidarity with the under-privileged and the marginalized you surely earn not just reaction and opposition, but threats on your life. We are saddened and shocked by the murder of Fr. Fausto Tentorio, but we are inspired and challenged by his martyrdoom.

  5. Pops, go with God. It was indeed an great privilege to work with you as mission partner in the Diocese of Kidapawan. May the blood that you shed nurture the prophetic life of the church. May justice prevail.

    To the PIME – my sincere condolences … one with you as ever…

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