– A BOOK on understanding the Mindanao conflict had been launched last August 25, at the Notre Dame University in Cotabato City.
Written by columnist  Patricio P. Diaz, the book, “Understanding Mindanao Conflict” as he describes it is “largely a comment, not a scholarly, researched analysis” but is intended to stimulate the rethinking and reappraisal of the principal roots of the conflict.”
“This book is focused on three principal roots of the conflict: Muslim problem, Mindanao problem, and misunderstanding. The proposition is: The Mindanao conflict has remained unsolved because it has been misunderstood and mired in misunderstanding,” Diaz wrote in his introduction.
Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, OMI, and lawyer and historian, Datu Michael Mastura of the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy Foundation and a member of the peace panel of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, wrote the foreword to the book.
 “Understanding Mindanao Conflict” is this a Mindanawon journalist’s contribution to “seeing some light in the present maze.”
“May this book awaken the interest of those who wish to understand the conflict in Mindanao. It may be one journalist’s view, but it is truly significant. It is passionately written. A burning love for Mindanao and for the peoples of Mindanao exudes from its pages. If at the end it encourages readers to know even more, I am certain the author would consider this as ample reward,” Quevedo wrote.
Mastura said reading the book “is a must for peace advocates, peace adversaries, or peace negotiators. And this long-awaited work is likewise a must for everyone. For the writer has done for our generation a contribution to the peace process that seems almost elusive in the struggles of our time.”